How to Save Money with WIFI-Enabled Irrigation Controller System

October 01, 2020

If you recently purchased a WIFI-enabled irrigation controller system, or you are upgrading your old sprinkler controller, you are probably interested in what the controller can do. How will it save you money? An easy-to-use app will connect your smart sprinkler system to your WIFI.

WIFI-enabled irrigation controller systems can help you save money and water by:

  • Monitoring weather conditions

WIFI-enabled controller irrigation systems are a type of smart technology, able to make watering adjustments when necessary. For example, if it will rain, the system detects this and irrigation will be canceled for the day.

If your area issues fines for over-usage, home irrigation controller systems make it easy to monitor and reduce water waste. Your landscape receives the ideal amount of water to keep your plants and yard healthy.

  • Conserving water usage

Water is saved because controllers are adjustable. They can be modified based on your soil type, the types of plants you have, and as mentioned above, the weather conditions and climate in your area.

  • Saving you money

WIFI-controlled systems save you money by lowering water utility bill expenses. By reducing or eliminating wasted water and operating efficiently, water utility expenses will be reduced, sometimes substantially.

  • Compliance

If your local authorities have regulations in place regarding water usage, days your neighborhood is authorized to water, or other rules, having a WIFI Irrigation Controller System helps you effortlessly comply. The adjustable features of the controller help you avoid unnecessary fines.

  • Environmental Benefits

WIFI irrigation systems with smart controllers are able to calculate the amount of water your landscape needs to remain in top form. The water saved is water not needed. This reduced water waste is good for the environment and conserves more water resources for others.

How Does A WIFI-Enabled Irrigation Controller System Work?

It is simple to operate a WIFI-enabled irrigation controller. Think of it as a sophisticated sprinkler timer.

You can access and control your landscape sprinkler schedule and details from any portable electronic device like your smartphone or tablet. The WIFI-enabled controller connects to your devices via the cloud.

Not only will you receive up-to-date information and water usage, but you will also be notified if a pipe breaks or there is a problem. The controller uses predictive metrics based on the weather forecast to determine the best water needs for your plants and lawn.

Save Money and Time with a WIFI-enabled Smart Irrigation Controller System

Watering your lawn has come a long way. Gone are the days of watering plants and your yard with a hose.

Today’s WIFI-enabled Irrigation Controller Systems allow you to easily program your lawn sprinklers. The controllers are intuitive and easy to install. Your landscape is watered, even if you are away from home!

If you don’t already have a home sprinkler irrigation system in place, you may want to call professionals to install your system. Once you have a system, call Sprinkler Checkup to optimize your system so you save money and avoid problems.

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