Learn How A Home Irrigation Sprinkler System Works

October 01, 2020

If you’ve invested in landscaping your yard or putting in an attractive lawn, of course you want to maintain it and protect your investment. A Home Irrigation Sprinkler System can help you achieve that.

Read on to discover exactly how a home irrigation sprinkler system works and the benefits of having one. Sprinkler Checkup will come to your home and optimize your system so it functions correctly and saves you money.

How Does A Home Irrigation Sprinkler System Work?

The home irrigation sprinkler system is generally made up of four components:

  1. The controller (aka timer)
  2. Irrigation valves
  3. Underground piping
  4. Sprinkler heads (These are usually spray heads or rotating heads.)

Sprinkler irrigation systems work by the water pressure released into an irrigation valve. A controller is a timer set to release the water at appropriate times based on the needs of your land. The controller also shuts the water off after the programmed watering cycle is complete.

The sprinkler system, depending upon the size of your yard, will divide the land into sections. A timer usually regulates when the sprinklers turn on.

A sprinkler head handles watering a section. Sprinkler heads can either be always above the ground or remain under the ground and “pop up” when the home irrigation system activates.

Sprinkler heads are either spray heads or rotating heads. Spray heads are used for smaller areas. They only release water in a limited direction. Rotating heads are adjustable and release the water in a complete circle or a semi-circle.

What Are The Benefits of A Home Irrigation Sprinkler System?

  • Adds value to your home

Purchasing a home irrigation sprinkler system is an investment, but it is an investment that protects your investment in your home. When you have beautiful landscaping and well-cared for grass and plants, studies show that an attractive lawn increases your home’s value.

  • Save money on your water bill

If you are currently watering your lawn with a hose, expect that your water bill may be less with a home irrigation sprinkler system. This is because your sprinkler system will operate more efficiently.

Sprinkler Checkup can visit your home and optimize your system, ensuring the areas of your lawn that need it are watered. You save money and time.

  • Convenience

Everyone is busy these days and we all search for ways to create extra time. Not having to constantly water your lawn is a huge time-saving convenience. Pair a sprinkler system with professionals like Sprinkler Checkup to monitor your system and you avoid having to constantly water your lawn while ensuring the landscape is in great condition.

The Value of A Home Irrigation Sprinkler System

Now that you understand how home irrigation sprinkler systems function, it’s easy to understand the benefits and value of having one for your yard. Professionals should install your home irrigation sprinkler system.  After it is installed, you’ll want professionals to help you monitor your system. Contact Sprinkler Checkup now to learn how we keep your sprinkler system running safely and efficiently.

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